Fionns feet

It's another scorching day. One thing that has struck me as I've been driving around is the number of dogs I see being walked in the heat of the day. Not only is this putting them at risk for heat stroke, but many dogs will also suffer burns on their paws. Why is this?  


1st March, 2019

There's been a definite whiff of spring this week: sunshine, daffodils and the Postie's back in shorts. Did you know though, that daffodils can be toxic to dogs and cats?  

7th November, 2018

It's the question on everybody's lips I'm sure - What will happen to pet travel to Europe after Brexit? In truth, nobody knows yet, but DEFRA (the goverment department under who's jurisdiction Pet Travel falls) have just published a series of possible scenarios depending on if we leave with no deal, a deal, and if we leave with a deal - the terms of the deal. If you are intending on travelling to the EU with your pet on or after 30th March 2019, then read on as there are important implications for you - you may need to take steps in getting your pet certified to travel before the end of this month as a contingency plan in case of a 'no deal' exit from the EU. 

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